Uniform Inspection

Inspections are broken down into three main categories:

20% general appearance

  • 4pts Good posture
  • 4pts Clean face and hands
  • 4pts Combed hair
  • 4pts Neatly dressed
  • 4pts Clean fingernails

60% proper attire

  • 5pts Headgear
  • 5pts Neckerchief & Slide
  • 15pts Shirt
  • 15pts Pants
  • 5pts Shoes
  • 5pts Socks
  • 5pts Belt
  • 5pts Registration Card

20% insignia placement

  • 5pts left sleeve
  • 5pts right sleeve
  • 5pts left pocket
  • 5pts right pocket

Although pack 1154 does not require official socks, pants or hat, a Pack 1154 uniform inspection will include these items, as these items will count towards the total points as would be the case at a district, regional or national event inspection.

Cub Scout Uniform Inspection Sheet